Case Study: Ahma & Co's Journey to Remarkable Growth in a Few Short Months

We are so proud to share such a successful first 3 months with Ahma & Co, the first postnatal retreat in Orange County. Our partnership began before the retreat launched in March and has been growing substantially since then. In just these few months, Ahma & Co’s following on Instagram has increased over 100% and has built an extremely loyal and interactive community. 💫 So what did we do to get there?

The Challenge

When Ahma & Co first approached us, they faced a significant challenge: how to build trust and educate potential customers about a novel and luxurious postpartum care service. Their brand voice was strong, but their visual identity lacked the polish and sophistication that matched the quality of their offerings. Additionally, they needed to distinguish themselves from emerging competitors in the postpartum care space.

Crafting the Solution

Developing a Comprehensive Brand Strategy

Our first step was to understand the postpartum care industry and identify Ahma & Co's unique positioning within it. We created detailed brand strategy and direction packets to align their service quality with their social media and overall branding. This groundwork was crucial in setting the stage for a successful launch.

Visual Identity: Information Meets Aesthetics

We aimed to create a visual identity that was both appealing and informative. It was essential to balance aesthetics with valuable content, ensuring potential customers understood the unique benefits of Ahma & Co. In each graphic, we aimed to add value, explaining the rationale behind the service and how it could transform the postpartum experience for new mothers. ☁️

Social Media Marketing and Content Creation

We focused on feed curation using a mix of research-based informative graphics and engaging video content. Our goal was to educate the audience about the postpartum period while showcasing the luxurious and supportive environment Ahma & Co provides. This diverse content structure allowed us to communicate the "what" and "why" behind the retreat effectively. Similarly, we wanted to capture how the United States has not deemed postpartum care to be a necessity and how other countries have proven it can work as a public resource rather than a luxury.✨

Logo Design and Brand Guidelines

Ahma & Co's initial logo and color palette did not resonate with the revamped brand's tone. We developed new brand guidelines, including a fresh logo and color scheme, to create a cohesive and luxurious brand feel. This rebranding effort was the final piece in aligning their visual identity with their service quality.

Delivering Results

The transformation of Ahma & Co's social media presence has been nothing short of spectacular. In just three months, we grew their following from nearly 2,500 to over 5,400. Our content reached nearly 300,000 viewers, with videos garnering tens of thousands of views. These numbers reflect not just the growth in followers but also the increased engagement and awareness of Ahma & Co's unique service.

Our journey with Ahma & Co is just beginning. As we continue to refine and expand their social media presence, our goal remains the same: to educate, engage, and inspire potential customers. We are committed to transforming the narrative around postpartum care and supporting every mother and family.

Working with Ahma & Co has been a deeply rewarding experience. This case is a great example of the power of a cohesive brand strategy and effective social media management in building trust and awareness in a new market. We're excited to continue supporting Ahma & Co as they redefine postpartum care in the United States. 🤍

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