How to Curate Your Feed for a Cohesive Aesthetic

Have you ever scrolled through your favorite Instagram influencer or brand’s feed and noticed how aesthetically pleasing and cohesive it looks? If so, the chances are that this was done completely intentionally.

Feed curation is the process of intentionally organizing and designing your social media profile in order to create a visually pleasing, cohesive aesthetic. This can be especially useful for businesses who want to market their brand in an effective, efficient way. Let's discuss how you can curate your feed for maximum impact.

Define Your Audience

The first step in developing a strong feed is knowing who you are targeting with your content. What kind of customers does your business serve? Knowing the demographic information of your ideal customer will help inform what type of content you post on social media. For example, if you’re selling fashion products to a young female audience, then using bright colors and stylish photos may be more effective than more muted tones and more formal images. Understanding who your target audience is will determine the tone and look of your feed. 

Choose Colors Wisely

Colors play an integral role in creating an aesthetically pleasing feed. Using colors that complement each other—or even those that represent your brand—can make all the difference when it comes to making an impression on potential customers or followers. Additionally, the color scheme should be consistent throughout all posts so that they look like they belong together in one cohesive theme.  


Images Create Engagement 

Good visuals are essential for engaging followers on social media platforms like Instagram. Choosing high-quality images that stand out from other feeds is key to getting attention from potential customers or followers. It’s also important to keep these images consistent with the overall look and feel of your feed. Pay attention to how each image complements one another as well as how they fit within your color scheme for maximum effectiveness!  


Curation is key when it comes to creating a visually appealing, cohesive Instagram feed for any business or individual looking to gain new customers or followers online. Knowing who you’re targeting by understanding demographic information can help when it comes time to curate content with colors, images, and visuals that will best appeal to them. Keep in mind that consistency and quality will go hand-in-hand when striving towards creating a beautiful aesthetic on Instagram – we at The Branding Boutique are here to show you how to do just that!

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