Projected Marketing Trends of 2024

Now that we are firmly in a new year, we embrace Anthony D’Angelo’s words of wisdom: 

“Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant.”

At The Branding Boutique, we believe in anticipating and navigating the marketing landscape as trends continue to evolve, rather than remaining stagnant. The rest of 2024 promises new and fresh opportunities, and we're here to guide you through 5 trends we believe will play a large role in this year's digital landscape.

Why look at marketing trends in the first place? 

The market is driven by consumers whose preferences and behaviors constantly change. Paying attention to these changes will allow you to stay relevant in a dynamic market, improve the quality of your development strategies, and enhance your competitive edge. After all, last year's tactics may not be the right focus this year, so steer your marketing efforts in a worthwhile direction!

Here are 5 trends that will set your brand up for success:

Leveraging AI for Content Production

Utilizing AI for content production has become a game-changer in staying ahead of competition. According to Forbes, 46% of business owners use AI for crafting their internal communications alone, which saves time and increases work efficiency. Additionally, businesses use AI for instant messaging, writing code, and aggregating business data, among other functions. 


ChatGPT is an innovative AI model to add to your marketing toolbox. Experiment with it. Use it for generating ideas or researching SEO keywords. Of course, we do not recommend copying and pasting AI-generated content word-for-word. Always revise and infuse your brand voice into all content. 

Building a Community With UGC

Did you know that 84% of consumers find a marketing campaign more trustworthy if it includes user-generated content? UGC includes any content generated by users of the product or service. Think reviews, testimonials, videos, images, and social media posts. Content created by consumers enhances authenticity, and as an effort to involve customers increases brand loyalty, reposting UGC is perfect for bridging the gap between a brand and its audience. It is invaluable to building a community that feels both engaged and appreciated. 


Actively engage with users who create content related to your brand by responding to their posts, expressing gratitude, and fostering a sense of community. Such interaction encourages more users to contribute. If your community is not well-established, reach out to UGC creators willing to create quality user-generated content. 

Mastering Video SEO

Video continues to dominate the content landscape, and mastering video SEO is crucial for ensuring your brand's visibility. Your videos rank depending on several factors: watch time; engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares; and keywords embedded within the audio, subtitles, captions, tags, or titles. Place yourself in the shoes of a viewer using social media as a search engine and make it easier for them to find your content.


Let’s say you're searching for keywords for your Instagram video. Type a keyword related to your content inside Instagram’s search bar and click on “Tags.” You’ll discover what words others use to search for the type of content you release. Then, incorporate these keywords into your caption, hashtags, and subtitles.  


Ensuring Responsibility with Sustainability-Driven Marketing

Running a business to be as cost-efficient as possible may sound tempting, but for a long-term plan, your brand cannot benefit only itself. The modern consumer cares about supporting businesses that value the environment. Sustainable-driven marketing communicates a commitment to being part of the solution to a global challenge, and it does not go unnoticed.


Set clear sustainability goals and consider how to reduce waste. Have you thought about eco-friendly packaging? Sourcing sustainable materials from ethical manufacturers? Whatever sustainable practice you implement, be transparent about it with your audience. Being a green business is an admirable quality that deserves approval from customers. Blog about it, post about it or showcase it on your website. 

Connecting With Audiences Through Detailed Personalization

Personalization is about resonating with your audience on a profound level. You do not release content for the sole purpose of raising brand awareness. You want to entertain, converse, and offer meaning because you care about building an interested community. Make your audience feel valued. Personalization fosters a connection between the user and the brand, adding customer loyalty and retention. 


Tailor content to specific demographics, behaviors, or preferences. What tone of voice does your audience enjoy? What aesthetic do they like? How do they want to be engaged? There are several methods to gather consumer data, with social media analytics being one of the most accessible data sources. Each social media platform provides insights and analytics about your audience. Monitor metrics such as demographics, engagement, and popular content to understand what type of message or content your audience craves.

I’m ready, 2024.

Ultimately, flexibility and adaptability will help your brand navigate the trends of the rest of the year.

Befriend AI tools to streamline your work process, and repurpose UGC as content for your social media page. Maximize the outreach of your content by planting SEO keywords within captions and other text while sharing your progress in becoming a sustainable brand. Lastly, remember that at the end of the day, your brand is about creating a human-to-human connection, so craft your messages to bond with your audience.

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