The New World of Marketing: How Outsourcing Social Can Bring Value to Your Company

Did you know that 4.59 billion (58%) of the world actively uses social media? This number is projected to increase to 6 billion in 2027!

Coupled with the rise of social media is the emergence of social media marketing. Social media platforms have become a new avenue for companies to market their products/services, create a brand image, share information, and connect with their audiences!

More than ever, social media has allowed marketing to be a two-way communication tool between businesses and their audiences. 75% of internet users use social media to research brands making it so important for businesses to effectively manage their social media presence by creating unique content.

It is crucial for brands to convey their brand image and tone, analyze social media analytics, and respond to customers in a timely manner. Because managing various social media platforms can be time consuming, outsourcing social can allow businesses to fully capitalize the powerful tool of social media.


Access to Instant Expertise 

By using an external marketing agency, companies can leverage years of experience in digital marketing and produce significant results. Social media experts understand the landscape of social platforms as well as its ever-changing trends. They have experience in creating marketing strategies and campaigns to effectively target audiences, grow a business’s online presence, and generate more leads. In addition, marketing agencies have expert photographers, designers, and creators that will provide high-quality content tailored to a company’s brand image!

Time is valuable. 

Social media needs constant attention. It is essential for businesses to post relevant content and constantly monitor conversations with their customers and about their brand. In fact, about 42% of consumers expect a response on social media within an hour. Outsourcing social allows companies to tend to customer needs promptly and tailor images that will convey their brand, which raises the likelihood of positive reviews, recommendations, and brand loyalty. By outsourcing social, companies can avoid the opportunity cost of spending time understanding social trends and tending to social media platforms instead of focusing on other vital aspects of their businesses. 

Save Money 

Companies can save money by skipping the process of hiring and onboarding an in-house marketing manager. Not only does hiring an external agency cut costs, but it also gives companies access to an entire team for a cheaper price than one full-time marketing employee.

Gain Crucial Insights 

Outsourcing social is also beneficial because external agencies offer a different perspective and have the tools and experience to track analytics and industry trends. Understanding social media analytics is important because it allows companies to identify what strategies are working and what are not. By measuring key performance indicators and conversion rates, agencies can adjust strategies and prioritize specific platforms and media content that are successfully connecting with the company’s audience. These insights can help businesses make data-driven decisions and ensure companies get a return on their investment in social media. 

Consider Outsourcing Social 

Platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook allow businesses to engage with potential customers, tell stories, and learn from customer feedback. Social media is a powerful tool available for all businesses, and how companies use this tool depends on their marketing strategy. To gain a competitive advantage in marketing, outsourcing social media management to an external marketing agency will bring in a team of highly experienced professionals to create, monitor, and scale a company’s social media presence!

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