Janet Heller Fine Jewelry

Janet Heller Fine Jewelry, previously Foundry Fine Jewelry (Foundry), is a luxurious fine jewelry store based in Los Angeles, California. Their mission lies in empowering women to feel ethereally beautiful through handcrafted pieces infused with meaning and purpose. Through their work, the Foundry team of master artisans tune into the power of jewelry to tell stories and bridge people together while honoring their commitment to amplify the individuality in every soul.


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The Foundry Fine Jewelry Case Study

Problem: Despite being a luxury brand with a remarkable product line, Foundry was facing a challenge in terms of their social media presence. Their social media feed did not reflect the high quality, meticulous craftsmanship in the pieces they create, as well as the expert hands behind them. With around 5,000 followers on Instagram, the company recognized the need to enhance its online visibility, establish a more cohesive brand identity across its social media platforms, and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Solution: Through consistency and a comprehensive content creation strategy, we brought Foundry’s social media accounts to life. We ramped up organic engagement initiatives to amplify Foundry’s voice within the beauty and jewelry space and increase awareness of their products, then combined verbal and visual storytelling through social media marketing and professional photography to unify their brand identity across both Instagram and TikTok and curate a feed that reflected the luxury and artisanship behind their brand.

Videography and Photography

High Quality Content Creation (Professional Video & Photoshoots)

As our first step, we identified a need to elevate the brand’s photo and video content quality in a way that truly highlighted the luxury inherent to their pieces. Our team organized several professional photography and videography sessions with the Foundry collection. Throughout our partnership, we took great care to plan out every aspect of each shoot—the schedule, the creative direction, model coordination, etc.—so that Foundry’s vision could be brought to life. 

Influencer Collaborations and UGC Content

We recognized that creating content of the pieces alone was not enough: we needed to portray the effect that Foundry’s jewelry pieces have on enhancing the beauty of the wearer and connecting people with their loved ones. Together with influencers, our team facilitated UGC content creation shoots to create social proof of real people wearing Foundry’s pieces—especially for special occasions like weddings—and increase their social media presence by reaching wider audiences, thus establishing Foundry’s credibility and trustworthiness within the jewelry industry. 

Social Media Marketing, Feed Curation, Organic Engagement Strategy

With branding information provided by the client, we tailored our social strategy to their needs by conducting competitor research to situate Foundry within their niche, establishing a more refined and detailed brand identity, and curating sample content feeds. Then, we provided the client with a comprehensive brand guideline and strategy packet to make sure that our vision for their social identity aligned with Foundry’s, then set ourselves to work making our planned strategy a reality.

To meet their need for a greater brand presence, we also connected with individuals from Foundry’s target audience and pulled their attention toward the accounts, thus increasing community awareness of their product line so that Foundry would be the first brand they turn to for elegant, handcrafted jewelry of unmatched quality. 


Through a strategic combination of content planning, visual consistency, engagement tactics, and influencer collaborations on both Instagram and TikTok, we successfully achieved Foundry’s objectives of increasing their Instagram following and establishing a cohesive brand presence on social media. They grew from 5k followers to 10k, and their reach grew to 67.6k—a 285% increase from what it had been previously. This case study highlights the importance of maintaining a consistent brand identity and engaging with the audience authentically to drive growth and enhance brand perception.

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